Back to School . . . with Acne!

Picture this: you're stressed, excited or filled with dread over starting a new school year. Either way, it's making you break out, and you're not looking forward to facing your classmates when you go back with problem acne. And if that's not bad enough, the stress of school work, schedules and peer pressure, along with hormonal changes, will likely make your acne worse.

The key: get on top of your acne NOW. 

Here are a few safe, pill-free, medically proven treatments that have cleared up acne and given confidence to people just like you.

But first, what is acne? Overactive Oil Glands + Blocked Pores + Bacteria = Acne

The solution: Reduce Oil + Clear Pores + Kill Bacteria

There are some creams and cleansers that can help. Active ingredients are often salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or retinoic acid. If you have not had success with commercially available formulations, The De Pieri Clinic carries physician-grade lines, which contain higher concentrations and may be more effective.

For active acne, phototherapy is a painless, even pleasant way to open up pores and kill acne bacteria. You simply sit under a special light for about 20 minutes, once a week, for about 8 sessions. This is affordable and effective for the majority of acne clients. The protocol at The DePieri Clinic also incorporates a microdermabrasion to clear away dead surface cells and leave your skin healthy and glowing.

Severe active acne can be treated with a combination of Levulan® and phototherapy, with results (but not side effects) similar to using Accutane. The Levulan is followed by 8-10 weekly phototherapy sessions and microdermabrasion to reduce the blockage of pores. 

There are also laser treatments for acne scars which have the dual purpose of treating active acne.

To book a professional consult for your acne, call The De Pieri Clinic at 250-448-7408.

* Disclaimer: Results and patient experience may vary.

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