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JUVEDERM® Dermal Filler in Kelowna

You feel youthful on the inside, and you want your face to show it. With age, your face will change in many ways due to the normal aging process as well as genetics and environmental factors. If you’ve begun to notice wrinkles, crow’s feet, thin lips or flattened cheeks, you may be considering cosmetic treatments to provide a more youthful look. 

The appearance of wrinkles can be minimized with fillers such as JUVEDERM.* In Kelowna, The De Pieri Clinic provides this collection of injectable gels to help our patients lessen the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet and more.


JUVEDERM is a line of injectable dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid. Used to provide correction for moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, fillers such as JUVEDERM are smooth, clear gels that have a granular consistency. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in the skin that delivers nutrients and helps the skin retain moisture. In JUVEDERM, it acts as a cushioning agent by holding water at the injection site, which allows JUVEDERM to add temporary volume and a smoother appearance to your skin.*

Before, During & After JUVEDERM Treatment

Before your JUVEDERM procedure takes place, you will be asked to avoid certain medications, supplements and foods for two weeks prior to your appointment. Be sure to follow these guidelines as certain substances can increase bleeding and bruising during and after treatment.

Attending your appointment with a full stomach is ideal to avoid chewing for a few hours after treatment. This will help the gel settle in the correct place. With your goals in mind, your doctor will choose the optimal placement for the injection. There is little pain associated with this treatment, and you can always request the use of topical numbing creams to minimize any discomfort. 

After your treatment, avoid applying makeup for several hours to let your skin breathe. While there is no real downtime with this treatment, avoid exercising directly following your treatment as this will raise your blood pressure and interfere with JUVEDERM settling. You should also avoid using hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms and any heart rate raising activities.

Results & Risks of JUVEDERM in Kelowna

You will see results immediately after treatment.* JUVEDERM lasts for different lengths of time depending on where it is injected. For example, in areas with little movement such as the cheeks, JUVEDERM tends to last one year, but has been known to last as long as two years. In areas with more movement of the skin, such as smile lines near the nose and mouth, JUVEDERM tends to last closer to nine months. If you get JUVEDERM in your lips, the treatment can last up to about six months. No matter where you use JUVEDERM, optimal wrinkle correction will depend on which formula is used. 

As with any injectable substance, JUVEDERM comes with various risks. Facial nerves can be damaged when hit with an injectable, and while these effects are not permanent, they are not aesthetically pleasing. If you are pregnant or have certain allergies you may not be a good candidate for JUVEDERM treatment. 

Be sure to consult with your doctor to ensure use of JUVEDERM is safe for you. Contact The De Pieri Clinic today to schedule your consultation.

* Disclaimer: Results and patient experience may vary.

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